Working with Play Maker


1.Import the Scene Flow from Asset Store and make sure no error.

2.Install the plugin from Menu>Tools>Digicrafts>SceneFlow>Install Play Maker Plugin

3.The plugin will install to Digicrafts>SceneFlowPlaymaker folder.

Using the plugin

1.In the scene where you want to user the action, add a SceneActionManager by create menu > Digicrafts>Scene Action Manager.

2.To use with playmaker. Use the action "Run Scene Action With Name" to excute the flow of the graph. The "Run Scene Action With Name" is inside the category "Scene Flow".

3.In the state where you want to execute the flow. Add the "Run Scene Action With Name" action.

4.Select the action name from the drop down list. Save the scene and it will execute the flow when playmaker goto this state.

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